2020 Year in Review

Dear Chessable members, The team and I wanted to send you, as well as your friends and family, our best wishes during this festive holiday season. We hope that despite the challenging times our world faces, you found a way to enjoy the holidays. As is typical of us, we wanted to do a year […]

Privacy Policy Update

Dear Chessable members, We have just touched up and revised our privacy policy. It’s a tiny update, but nonetheless, you should take some time to review it. As we grow as an organisation, we find it increasingly important to have the right infrastructure in place. Examples of some of the new tools we’re using are Sentry used for […]

Less is more

Dear Chessable members, Today we would like to announce the removal of a couple of features to combat feature bloat. Don’t worry though, there are many positive things on the flip side and I would like to tell you a bit more about this. Throughout Chessable’s history we have released quite a few features. Some […]

Terms of Service Update

Dear Chessable members, We have just touched up and revised our terms of service. It’s a tiny update, but nonetheless, you should take some time to review them. I’d like to remind you that when writing our legals, we have always kept our users in mind at every step of the way. We followed the […]

Chessable Pricing Strategy Discussion

Hi everyone, the launch of 100 Endgames Video brought a lot of community interaction and amazing feedback our way. Many of you absolutely love the new video course and how accessible John makes the material. This course took an incredible amount of work from John and the rest of the team and we truly thank […]

MoveTrainer 2.0 – Open Beta

Dear Chessable members, MoveTrainer 2.0 Beta is here! But before you head over to take a look, please read the few paragraphs below. It’s important to highlight what kind of “Beta” this is, what MoveTrainer 2.0 is, and where it is heading. First of all, perhaps unlike traditional open betas, ours is not yet replacing […]

The Sale of a Lifetime

Dear Chessable members, Today we announce the “Sale of a Lifetime” and a new 15% discount for PRO members (1yr+). Chessable pioneered the concept of a “Lifetime membership” in the chess world, and it has been fantastic, with hundreds of you backing us over the past few years. Thank you. Your usernames and profile photos […]

Chessable PRO Price Changes

Dear Chessable members, Today, we are announcing a change in our pricing structure of PRO. The Chessable PRO membership launched in 2017, and we’ve kept the same price since then. In this time, we’ve added to, and improved PRO. In this new year, we have huge plans for it. Today, it is time for a […]

Happy new year, 2019 year in review + MoveTrainer 2.0 update

Dear Chessable learners, From myself and the entire team, we would like to send you the warmest and best wishes for 2020. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2020. May your goals and dreams all be a step closer to being fulfilled this year. I also wanted to have a little look at what […]

Getting ready for a BIG upgrade: We hope you like our new look

Dear Chessable members, Today we are happy to bring you a couple of upgrades and an update of our progress on MoveTrainer 2.0 and apps. First things first, we’ve upgraded our servers. The new setup allows for faster response times and a smoother experience. This will be important especially as the site keeps growing. We […]

Chessable Spring 2019 Update

Dear Chessable learners, It’s been a busy but absolutely fantastic start to the year for us! We’ve had legends of chess film at our studios for you, like GM Harikrishna, GM Aagaard, and GM Shankland. And guess what, we’ve released more courses in the first four months of 2019 than in the entirety of 2018! […]