Author: David Kramaley

Getting ready for a BIG upgrade: We hope you like our new look

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Dear Chessable members, Today we are happy to bring you a couple of upgrades and an update of our progress on MoveTrainer 2.0 and apps. First things first, we’ve upgraded our servers. The new setup allows for faster response times and a smoother experience. This will be important especially as the site keeps growing. We …

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Cyclical Review: The Woodpecker Method feature you can use on ANY tactics course + custom reps!

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Back in September when we launched The Woodpecker Method, we were excited at the prospect of allowing you to study with the exact method recommended by GM Axel Smith and GM Hans Tikkanen. However, it proved to be a slightly tricky feature with a lot of changes to the legacy code, which meant it would …

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Bringing chess books to life… and now in print

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It is just over a year that we have been “bringing books to life”. We take classic print books and turn them into fully interactive MoveTrainer™ courses. It’s been a challenging yet amazing journey. To mark a new milestone we are doing something awesome, including a giveaway of $1,000 in chess prizes, so please do …

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Sort by accuracy: the PRO feature that will supercharge your chess learning

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Chess is a complex game. Often there will be positions that look very familiar to you. The familiarity triggers your wishes to play a known thematic move. However, even the slightest of nuances can turn a good move into a bad one. Perhaps it’s a tempo up or down, perhaps the “other” rook was moved. There …

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