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Dear Chessable members,

Today we announce the “Sale of a Lifetime” and a new 15% discount for PRO members (1yr+). Chessable pioneered the concept of a “Lifetime membership” in the chess world, and it has been fantastic, with hundreds of you backing us over the past few years. Thank you. Your usernames and profile photos shall forever be displayed in our About Us page, right next to our team.

Slightly over a year ago, I hinted that we were thinking about removing Lifetime as an option, and after a full year of thinking about it and all the hard at work we’ve put into MoveTrainer 2.0, we are finally taking this step. This is your last chance to upgrade to a Lifetime membership.

Some of you may be wondering, why are we doing this? Well, the answer is simple. Chessable is building for the future. We are here to stay for the next decade and more. We want to make a sustainable, useful and fantastic service that everyone can appreciate.

As we keep developing the platform and adding to the benefits of PRO, Lifetime was simply becoming a deal too good to be true. We cannot promise it for much longer, and we will only have our standard yearly and two-year deals after this sale is over.

With the full year of work we’ve done on PRO, there are many more features coming, many of them built especially for PRO. Many of you have asked for this, so today we’ve launched a 15% discount on select courses for PRO members only.

We aim to add more select courses in the near future, so that you may enjoy a discount year-round. PRO will keep getting better and better, and we will keep adding more and more benefits to it through 2020 and beyond. For example, offline mode, resizeable board, better study feeds/stats, and more!

So there it is, your last chance to buy Lifetime PRO is here, and at our great old price of $299 + tax (if applicable). We’ve frozen the price for Lifetime PRO despite just announcing a price increase on all the other packages. See you around on the leaderboards (and maybe the About Us page 😉 )

PS.- This announcement coincides with the official launch of MoveTrainer 2.0 Open Beta today, but more info on this tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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