Cyclical Review: The Woodpecker Method feature you can use on ANY tactics course + custom reps!

By David Kramaley / On / In Chess improvement, Chessable news, Learning chess

Back in September when we launched The Woodpecker Method, we were excited at the prospect of allowing you to study with the exact method recommended by GM Axel Smith and GM Hans Tikkanen. However, it proved to be a slightly tricky feature with a lot of changes to the legacy code, which meant it would …

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Grandmaster tips: Preparing in minutes, by GM ALEX COLOVIC

By GM Alex Colovic / On / In Chess improvement, Grandmaster Tips

Today’s hectic lifestyle affects everything. Chess tournaments don’t go unscathed either. In the past playing one game a day was something that went without saying, nowadays two (or sometimes even three!) games a day are considered normal. While I distinctly dislike playing more than one game a day, I don’t really have a choice but …

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