Why The College, Holborn, is the perfect 2018 World Chess Championship venue

By Leon Watson / On / In Chess news

By now you may already have seen my tweet, and the subsequent official announcement today of a venue for the upcoming 2018 World Chess Championship. That venue, where Magnus Carlsen will defend his crown against US challenger Fabiano Caruana, is The College, a spectacular 10,000 sq ft marbled Victorian hall in Holborn. If you don’t …

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Breaking 3,350 on chess.com: How one Chessable member’s tactics rating hit incredible heights

By Leon Watson / On / In Case studies, Chess improvement

Regular Chessablers reading this may already have come across our super-user Logozar. He’s a 17-year-old PRO member from Round Rock, near Austin, Texas, who’s released several popular UGC books on the site – the latest a big hit endorsed by a GM. Logozar has also racked up more than 8.6m XP and been awarded nearly …

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My plan to make it to IM, by Andrzej Krzywda

By Leon Watson / On / In Case studies, Chess improvement, Learning chess

Chigorin’s famous epigram “Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all” is a bit of a cliche in chess. But for Chessable member Andrzej Krzywda, aka andrzejkrzywda, it is the gospel – because Andrzej is a man who has found having a plan really, really works. As chess learners thirsty for inspiration, you …

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Sort by accuracy: the PRO feature that will supercharge your chess learning

By David Kramaley / On / In Chess science, Features, Learning chess

Chess is a complex game. Often there will be positions that look very familiar to you. The familiarity triggers your wishes to play a known thematic move. However, even the slightest of nuances can turn a good move into a bad one. Perhaps it’s a tempo up or down, perhaps the “other” rook was moved. There …

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Ding Dong! Two new badges, interview with John + do you want to join Team Chessable?

By Leon Watson / On / In Chessable news

London’s iconic clock-tower may be covered with scaffolding right now (it’s undergoing repair work), but on Chessable it’s on show in all its glory. That’s because we’ve created a new “Big Ben” badge for you to collect to go alongside our brilliant new London System book released this week. The Agile London System by Holmes …

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Will there be trash-talking with Magnus? Oh yeah, no doubt, says Fabiano Caruana

By Leon Watson / On / In Chess news, Features

We couldn’t help ourselves. Less than 24 hours after Fabiano Caruana won the Candidates tournament in Berlin to secure a world title tilt against Magnus Carlsen we were onto him. Most of all we wanted to know when the trash-talking would start! But also what the new World Chess Championship challenger’s relationship with the champion …

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