PRO Week Is Back! Here’s How to Make the Most of It


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Last December, we offered Chessablers one week of free Chessable PRO membership.

If you missed out, don’t fret, because Chessable PRO Week is back.

From March 18-25, it’s PRO week at Chessable. That means we’re gifting one week of Chessable PRO away to all members – no strings attached, and no payment information necessary!

Simply click this link to activate your free PRO membership for a week, starting from the day you claim it. If you’ve already got a PRO membership, you get a free week of PRO added on top of your membership.

Lots of people tried Chessable PRO for during the first round of PRO Week, so we ewanted to extend the offer again.

Claim Your Free Week of Chessable PRO

Unsure what a PRO membership entails? Below is a guide to Chessablers’ favorite features you can take advantage of by becoming a Chessable PRO.

Offline Mode

One of the most requested features on Chessable since its inception was the option to study courses without Internet access – and we delivered!

Whether you’re on a long-haul flight, or a storm has knocked out your electricity, Offline Mode gives you a way to keep training with the Chessable mobile app.

Not only can you download entire courses including videos, you can review moves just like you normally would online. Your progress will be automatically synced with the server next time you’re online.

Offline mode is quite helpful to me, as it is not unusual for me to be traveling and not have access to the Internet – GLSmyth

Custom Depth and Study Schedules

Many PRO members will tell you these Course Settings tools are the most powerful for their training!

Don’t need to know 30 moves of Sicilian theory, and would rather just the first 12? Simply adjust your Study Depth on the course, and voila – all your variations will stop at move 12 in MoveTrainer.

To adjust how deep you’d like to learn a line, go to Course Settings on the right-hand side of a course’s Chapters page and click the “Depth” drop-down box. Now just select how many moves deep you wish to study a line.

You can also customize the study schedule itself, so you decide how soon moves become due for study. On the same Course Settings bar near Study Depth, you’ll find the “Schedule” setting.

Chessable Spaced Repetition will be enabled by default, but if you click the drop-down menu, you can choose between these other two options.

Cyclical Study Schedule

Set a cycle for when your moves are up for review. If you set it for 2 weeks, every 2 weeks your moves will come up for review.


For anyone who would like to tweak their training schedule as much as possible, the Custom option allows you to change how quickly the gap between reviews increases.

PRO members swear by these features! Here’s what one had to say:

“As of now, my favorite Chessable PRO feature is the ability to customize study schedule and depth! In fact, I cannot imagine Chessable without this. Different types of courses (tactics, strategy, endgames) benefit from different schemes of scheduling, and even when learning openings, I follow different stages, which involve different schedules or depth patterns.” – Improverino

Puzzle Connect

Imagine hiring a coach to comb through your games and present you with tactics you missed in the form of puzzles.

That’s exactly what Puzzle Connect does. Tactics from your games are turned into trainable variations in a personalized Chessable course.

You don’t have to be a PRO member to use Puzzle Connect, but non-PRO members only get 10 puzzles to train, while your PRO membership will give you 1,000.

Read more about Puzzle Connect here.

Sitewide Discount

Who wouldn’t love a discount on the entire catalog at all times? Well with a PRO membership, you get exactly that. Whether there’s an ongoing sale or not, you’ll get at least 20% off any paid course – and more when the course is on sale.

Exclusive PRO Courses

And if those features weren’t enough, PRO members can get access to exclusive content standard members can’t – namely PRO exclusive courses which cover special events and give sneak peeks into major releases.

Be sure to check out the latest PRO-exclusive release, where FM Dalton Perrine covers tactics from the 2023 FIDE World Cup.

Now for PRO week, you can access all these features and more. Just remember to redeem your free week by March 25!

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