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Dear Chessable members, today is simply unbelievable! We are delighted to announce that Chessable has become part of the Play Magnus & chess24 family.

That’s right, The World Champion himself, Magnus Carlsen, is now part of our Chessable family! It’s been an exciting and incredible journey, and we wanted to thank you for being part of it. 

Magnus Carlsen holds the trophy aloft
Magnus Carlsen holds the trophy aloft

We are on a mission to make learning and improving your chess as easy, efficient and fun as possible. When I told the team, I compared this milestone to climbing a tall mountain. What happened when the first adventurers reached such peaks? Other than the sheer joy and excitement they must have felt, I imagine they immediately saw taller and exciting mountains behind it.

Play Magnus and chess24 believe in us!

We’ve reached the first summit, and it has been incredibly rewarding and simply amazing. The team is filled with joy, but we all also know a lot of work remains to be done. We’ve challenged ourselves to continue to make Chessable better and better. We have big dreams and are working hard to realise them. We are working on Android and iOS apps, as well as a new web-app. We are working on a redesign of the site. We are launching amazing courses and continually improving their user-friendliness.

And yes, we do work as well
And yes, we do work as well

Having joined PlayMagnus and chess24, we are now part of an industry leader who is able to contribute significant resources to help us achieve our ambitions. While we see many synergies and benefits, we would highlight that they are providing £500,000 additional funding to accelerate further development, adding to the £200,000 we previously raised. Additionally, Chessable will have access to their highly regarded content creators so that we can continue to build out our growing library of titles. More importantly, they are also extremely passionate about our mission and will help us push hard to realise it.

While extra funding is instrumental, there are some things money can’t buy. Your support has been a crucial part in helping us get here. Each recommendation to a friend, each piece of feedback, all of it helps us create the perfect learning environment for you. We are forever indebted to each one of you who believes in the Chessable mission, from authors to students, from coaches to parents, every single one of you. Thank you.

Your ongoing support will be vital for the challenges that lay ahead. Let’s climb these new peaks together. But first, let’s rejoice and enjoy this moment. The future is bright, and Chessable will become all it was dreamt up to be. Hurrah!


Does this mean I will now have to communicate with chess24/Play Magnus instead of Chessable?

Everything about Chessable will remain the same for the foreseeable future. Except that, our design, UX/UI are getting a touch up to make your experience with Chessable even better.

When will you finally release those apps?

Certain things in the past few months have been slowing down our progress. However, with the new funding, we are now moving faster than ever before. We’ve already added three new developers to the team in just a week (!). We expect early versions of the apps to be available in just a few months.

Where can I chat to you about it?

There is a great thread on our discussion forums:

Sorry if we can’t reply to all your lovely messages and questions, we try to, but a ton of work is going on these days! 🙂

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