10 Legendary Chess Tactics

It’s Tactics Madness week, so today, we are sharing with you ten sick combinations to get your appetite for tactics going. If you’re aren’t in the mood for mayhem, these ten combinations from master games will get you excited for some! Since you can’t rate beauty, we list the following ten chess gems in chronological […]

The Champion vs. The Challenger

The Champion vs. The Challenger! We are certainly looking forward to the next World Chess Championship match. Reigning champion Magnus Carlsen will face his new challenger, Ian Nepomniachtchi, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, later this year. Specifically, the match will span from 24 November to 16 December. At least, that is the plan as things stand; […]

Great Moments in Chess: Carlsen Crowned

The New in Chess Classic is now in full swing and it has brought even more top-level chess to a table already graced by the FIDE Candidates Tournament. World Champion Magnus Carlsen is in action once more and he is joined by a glittering array of strong, talented Grandmasters including Hikaru Nakamura, Leinier Dominguez Perez and Levon […]

Malcolm Pein on…Carlsen As Second Fiddle

Malcolm Pein continues his coverage of the Magnus Carlsen – Wesley So match in today’s Daily Telegraph chess column and explains why we are currently seeing Carlsen as second fiddle. Malcolm Pein on…Carlsen As Second Fiddle Five qualifying events remain to be played online at Chess24 before the 10-player final of the Meltwater Tour is staged by Play Magnus in […]

Malcolm Pein on…Magnus the Third

Today’s Daily Telegraph chess column brings Malcolm Pein’s report on an unfamiliar scenario for the World Champion, as he becomes Magnus the Third. Malcolm Pein on…Magnus the Third Magnus Carlsen found himself in the unfamiliar position of being the sideshow on the final day of the fourth Meltwater Tour event that bore his name. Having been eliminated in […]

Malcolm Pein on…Carlsen Losing His Head

Malcolm Pein reveals which Grandmaster has a plus score against the World Champion in today’s Daily Telegraph column and presents a rare case of Magnus Carlsen losing his head. Malcolm Pein on…Carlsen Losing His Head Ian Nepomniachtchi is the only active player with a plus score against Magnus Carlsen in Classical chess and one of […]

Malcolm Pein on…Carlsen’s KO

Today’s Daily Telegraph column brings Malcolm Pein’s report on the latter stages of the Magnus Carlsen Invitational, with bad news for fans of the World Champion. Malcolm Pein on…Carlsen’s KO Magnus Carlsen was eliminated by Ian Nepomniachtchi after a tie-break in the semifinals of his own invitational, played online at Chess 24. The World Champion won two games […]

Malcolm Pein on…The Struggling Favourites

Malcolm Pein resumes his coverage of the Magnus Carlsen Invitational in today’s Daily Telegraph column. He focuses on the struggling favourites and presents a typically combative game featuring the Grunfeld Defense. Malcolm Pein on…The Struggling Favourites Favourites Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So were in the last-chance saloon after the first day of semifinals in the $200,000 (£145,000) Magnus […]

Malcolm Pein on…Felinefehlers

What are felinefehlers? Apparently they are an unexpected hazard in online chess games. Malcolm Pein provides an explanation in today’s Daily Telegraph column. Malcolm Pein on…Felinefehlers The battle to reach the last eight of the $200,000 (£145,000) Magnus Carlsen Invitational was decided on the third and final day of the preliminary phase, although there was little […]

Malcolm Pein on…Bullet Chess Experts

Malcolm Pein presents two games by Bullet Chess experts in today’s Daily Telegraph column – one of whom is none other than the World Champion himself, Magnus Carlsen. Malcolm Pein on…Bullet Chess Experts Magnus Carlsen’s embrace of Internet chess is not confined to the innovative tournaments his company PlayMagnus Chess 24 has staged since lockdown began. The World Champion frequently takes on […]

Malcolm Pein on…Corporate Chess

Malcolm Pein reports on a rather different World Chess Championship in today’s Daily Telegraph chess column – featuring no fewer than 1,467 players, in the world of corporate chess. Malcolm Pein on…Corporate Chess The world Corporate Championship was organised by FIDE, online at Chess.com. This novel event attracted an entry of 288 teams from 78 countries. In all, 1,467 […]

Malcolm Pein on…A Fright at the Opera

Malcolm Pein returns to the semi-final stage of Opera Euro Rapid Tournament in today’s Daily Telegraph chess column and presents a fright at the opera. Malcolm Pein on…A Fright at the Opera It was more of the same in the semifinals of the Opera Europe Rapid on Chess24 as Magnus Carlsen continued to blunder, but still prevailed, while Wesley So smoothly progressed to the […]