Dubov Wins Monster Mystery Bash

Dodgy Halloween

Daniil Dubov – a.k.a. Scary Surprise – won the Monster Mystery Tournament last night, securing a $500 first prize and the title of most convincing scary clown ever to play online blitz.  Staying true to his costume by wildly bobbing his head throughout the final match, Dubov took down Gawain Jones, a.k.a. Plague Doctor, with […]

#ThankYouDad Challenge!

Father’s Day fast approaches – and we are inviting you to take part in our brand new #ThankYouDad Challenge! Time to get ready for the big day on Sunday 20 June. Regular readers may recall our celebration of Mother’s Day and today, together with our friends at chess24.com, are proud to unveil our celebratory new […]

Chessable Make New Moves With FIDE

Last week we reported on the Return of the FIDE Candidates Tournament, which will determine who will be Magnus Carlsen’s next challenger for the title of World Chess Champion. We have major news today as we see Chessable make new moves with FIDE. We are very excited to reveal news of an historic new partnership between […]