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Dear Chessable members,

Today we are happy to bring you a couple of upgrades and an update of our progress on MoveTrainer 2.0 and apps.

First things first, we’ve upgraded our servers. The new setup allows for faster response times and a smoother experience. This will be important especially as the site keeps growing.

We always try to minimise downtime during upgrades, as we do not want to interfere with your study habits. If our downtime has affected your streak please contact us (hello [at] and we will help you out.

Today we also released our “halfway re-brand”. We touched up our colours and changed our logo. We are using a fresher, more modern and brighter blue which we feel reflects the spirit of the site better.

We re-designed the header to try to use space better on all different screen sizes. There may be a few kinks (e.g. mobile header a bit too thick, will change), but we wanted to ship early and release. Releasing early allows us to polish up and improve with your feedback. The rest of the re-design will go live within the next few weeks.

We all know that change isn’t easy, and many of us will miss the old layout. If you fall into that category, we ask for your support, please give it some time, it may grow on you. Of course, please do submit your feedback as for some of your dislikes may already be on the to-do list, or maybe you’ve found a new bug that needs squashing.

The new site is “part released”, we are taking it by stages. The rest of the layout update is due in the next couple of weeks. We love our fresh new header that utilises the full screen size.

Please note that the new layout is key to some important milestones. Mainly it is needed to release MoveTrainer 2.0 and the set of features we envision to work only with the new layout. E.g. flexible/re-sizeable chess board, different chess board colours, dark mode, etc.

Speaking of MoveTrainer 2.0 and the set of apps that we plan to release with it, progress is good. We are now in a period of Alpha testing and envision a closed and open beta in the next few weeks. Once MoveTrainer 2.0 launches on the web, it will be a couple of months until the first app is ready.

If you are interested in the closed beta please e-mail our customer support address, shared earlier in the post. Thank you everyone for your continued support of our work. We look forward to continue to work hard to make improving your chess more fun and efficient. 

For the re-brand feedback, you may leave your comments within this thread in our forums:

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