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Dear Chessable members,

We have just touched up and revised our terms of service. It’s a tiny update, but nonetheless, you should take some time to review them.

I’d like to remind you that when writing our legals, we have always kept our users in mind at every step of the way. We followed the best practices listed at https://tosdr.org/ to make sure we were doing the best we can for you. We’ve provided a running summary in plain English, minimising the legal jargon.

We’ve updated the terms to reflect the changes to localised pricing and inclusive tax pricing (in Europe). We also added in legals for payments in Norwegian Kroner, which we started accepting this week.

There are also new clauses for bundled pricing (to explain how that works), as well as the 15% PRO discount. One final, and perhaps less positive update, we’ve had to add some language for a few bad apples who are currently trying to exploit our refunds system. Please note, legally we can refuse the sale of our products to anyone. At times we may be forced to do this to protect our authors. Of course, the majority of people who ask for a refund do so in good faith, but if you have bought 15 products, and have asked for a refund for each one, perhaps Chessable is not for you, and we may email you to refuse selling to you.

Now that these important updates are out of the way, we are going to crack on working on something more exciting. We think you’ll love some of the stuff we’ve got coming up with soon! (And remember, we are hiring, to make it happen). 

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