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Dear Chessable members,

MoveTrainer 2.0 Beta is here! But before you head over to take a look, please read the few paragraphs below. It’s important to highlight what kind of “Beta” this is, what MoveTrainer 2.0 is, and where it is heading.

First of all, perhaps unlike traditional open betas, ours is not yet replacing the default site. Instead, it is open, but only open to those willing to swap their Chessable study at with It’s important to highlight this, the new MoveTrainer 2.0 (mt2) site is not yet ready to replace the old site (mt1) because mt1 is still more complete and stable.

Our goal with mt2 was a simple one: we wanted to re-work everything underneath the hood so that complex features became possible. Mt1 was built with old technology, whereas mt2 uses powerful newer technology.

Because of the newer tech, features like offline, resizeable boards, dark mode, new mobile iOS/Android app etc, become a lot easier to release. However, before we can start launching the new features, first we have to complete the rewriting of all existing features which has been a process that has taken quite some time.

We feel we are nearly there! New features, like an improved settings panel, are already becoming a reality. Try it out, there may be a new setting or two you really appreciate (some are still experimental and may be removed!).

New Settings Panel

There are other features, almost ready for you to play around with, that are undergoing the final stages of testing now. It is only but a few more steps before we fully complete the rewrite and hopefully a short-ish time before mt2 becomes the default site we all use and love. 

Meanwhile, if you want to take a peek and see if you are ready for mt2, or if mt2 is ready for you, please head over to

If you have some feedback, we are all ears: and

Note: Mt1 and Mt2 use the same study data, so whatever you do on mt2 will affect mt1 and vice-versa.


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