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Dear Chessable learners,

From myself and the entire team, we would like to send you the warmest and best wishes for 2020. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2020. May your goals and dreams all be a step closer to being fulfilled this year.

I also wanted to have a little look at what we achieved together in 2019:

  1. We’ve grown from 50,000 to 90,000 members;
  2. We’ve gone from 17.3 million positions mastered to 43.7 million;
  3. We are well on our way towards building the world’s largest interactive digital chess library, with new high-profile authors joining us every single month. We’ve doubled our catalogue size in the last year alone to 300+ titles and 2020 is set to be even bigger;
  4. We’ve doubled our team size, with up to 30 people involved in helping us deliver Chessable to you;
  5. We’ve launched MoveTrainer 2.0 in Closed Beta, with Open Beta expected in early 2020;
  6. We’ve completed stage one of our re-brand/re-design;
  7. We’ve joined the PlayMagnus group of companies, giving us access to more resources and ensuring we continue to build an amazing tool for students, coaches, parents, chess masters, authors and everyone else who makes up our wonderful learning community.

Not everything has been positive, of course, like with any growing company we have some growing pains. Some of you did not like the new color scheme, for example. However, once MoveTrainer 2.0 is completed, we will be able to offer at least one alternative color scheme. Dark mode is coming soon! Apps are coming soon!

Of course, speaking of 2.0, it has taken us a little bit longer than we originally anticipated. However, this is because the new system is being built with more robust technology. This will allow us to have fewer bugs, more features, and generally a better experience.

While there have been a few hiccups, we hope that our genuine motivation in building the best chess learning tool and community has at all times shone through. We want you to know we will continue to work super hard in 2020 to make it an even more memorable year.

Little spoiler alert, we are expecting a MoveTrainer 2.0 open beta this very month. Thank you to all of you who have helped us test and improve it during closed beta. It’s almost here!

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