Chess Olympiad 2022 – Day 6


chess olympiad 2022 day 6
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We are just over the halfway mark in the tournament, with six rounds of the 11-round tournament having been played.

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Day 6 was a big day of chess – but an even bigger day of partying with the Bermuda party taking place that night!

It was a good day for authors as Harikrishna defeated Abdusattorov

And Anish Giri defeated Baadur Jobava in a rematch of a certain prestigious invitational…

Irine Sukandar came by to say hi!

We ended the day with a visit to the famed Bermuda party and found some very well-dressed people!

Hopefully, everyone will recover in time for round 7!

What went on in the games?

Top-ranked India 2 finally saw a setback after losing to a potent Armenian team. Next, they face the USA, which means Levon Aronian could face his former team, with which he won three gold medals.

Most matches were decided by slim margins, with only the India 3 team winning by more than the smallest possible margin against Lithuania (0.5-3.5).

Here are the standings after Round 6.

Gukesh-6 for 6

Gukesh continues on his tear, having won all six games he has played. He is now 2713 on the live rating list. Not too shabby for a 16-year-old.

Gukesh played a bishop sacrifice with 25.Bxb4! against Gabriel Sargissian.


Gukesh went on to promote his e-pawn six moves later.

Caruana climbs back

Fabiano Caruana had been having a tough tournament until this point. However, he was able to achieve a win in the sixth round and help the USA beat Iran.


White now threatens to take the bishop and after 37…Qb6 38.Qxh6 d5 39.Qg6+, Black’s king was in serious trouble. 

The US is now just one point behind Armenia, the leaders of the tournament.

Abdusattorov’s streak ends

Uzbekistan and India 1 faced off in Round 6, and Nodirbek Abdusattorov’s unbeaten streak was ended by Pentala Harikrishna.

By move 14, Harikrishna was already winning!

Giri’s daring exchange sacrifice

Anish Giri played a great exchange sacrifice after 21.Re6 against Baadur Jobava. Black is in a tight spot whether they take or not, and Jobava did take with 21…Nxe6. After that, White’s e-pawn was a real menace.

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