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It’s the end of the year! That means it’s time to reflect on 2023 and set goals for the new year. That’s why today we are releasing two features to help you with both: Your 2023 Chessable Year in Review and some new badges to hunt in 2024.

Year in Review

In your personal year-in-review report, you can look at things such as your most-studied courses, your overall accuracy, and your total study time.

Check out your personal report here: Chessable Year in Review.

New Badges

Sometimes it helps to have a mini goal to help you achieve your larger goals. Badges do just that, and they are fun to go for. There are all sorts of manners to acquire badges, and we’ve introduced a few more.

You don’t have to claim these badges manually like in the old days – when you meet the criteria, you’ll automatically be awarded the badge on your profile.

The Chessable office is festive this season with our stockings being filled with badges

Here’s a look at some of the new badges you can score:

There’s an ever-growing influx of new authors on the platform from all walks of life. Celebrate the women doing their best to make the game more inclusive by getting a course by one of our female authors.

Show them you’re part of the hip jet set and movin’ and groovin’ in all the top chess circles by linking your account to your Chessable account to get this nifty badge.

There can only be one! Become the very first person to purchase a course to get this rare badge of honor.

Level up your course creation skills by advancing to the final stages of the Create Your Own Course contest, or by being lauded winner of the contest.

Reserved for only the most dedicated of Chessablers are these new badges for XP points. To unlock the name of these badges, one must reach the upper echelon of Chessable mastery.

We hope it’s been a good 2023 for your chess and that 2024 will bring more. Look out for more great courses to study in the coming year, and of course, keep collecting those badges.

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