Chess Olympiad 2022- Day 5


chess olympiad 2022 day 5
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We are nearly halfway through the Olympiad, with Round 5 having been played yesterday of the 11-round tournament.

Exciting events continue to happen, both on the board and off it.

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Let’s take a look at what the Chessable team was up to on Tuesday:

Day 5 of the Chennai Olympiad started off with interviews – Gaby Vargas Talavera and the whole Andorran team came by!

Lots of authors were in action, either at the chess board or as captains!

Of course, we had many special visitors to the Chessable booth!

And we ended the day with some blitz chess!

What happened in the games?

India’s second team and Armenia are the only undefeated teams left in the tournament.

India 2 is outshining their first team. It is a team full of young prodigies and future stars, so it is definitely the team to be watching out for in this tournament. Gukesh D, who is 16 years old, has won all five of his games played.

The USA team has climbed its way back into the top ten after struggling at the beginning.

Here are the standings after Round 5:

Gukesh’s gains

The 16-year-old prodigy has moved to 27th in the World and has broken the 2700-Elo barrier, becoming the third-youngest player in history to do so.

He’s not doing it against any schmucks either; India 2 faced seed 4 Spain, and Gukesh faced legend Alexei Shirov.

Shirov played ambitiously with 28.f5??, presumably to gain space, but this was a blunder and gave the advantage to Gukesh, who was unrelenting in the endgame.

The young Uzbek strikes again

India is not the only country featuring rising young talent; Uzbekistan’s Nodirbek Abdusattorov is another name to be on people’s radar.

The teenager defeated Fabiano Caruana in Round 4, and he won again in Round 5 against Jergus Pechac of Slovakia. Pechac resigned in the following position, which some thought was premature, though it’s hard to believe Abusattorov would have let the advantage slide away from him.

The Uzbek team had a phenomenal showing, and Abdusattorov was not the only star of the show.

Can you find the forced mate-in-five from Tuesday’s match between Nordibek Yakubboev and Viktor Gazik?

Is Caruana choking?

Fabiano Caruana would have been looking for a comeback after his loss in Round 4, but he was unable to push through for a win and instead shared the half point with Avital Boruchovsky.

21.Qxb7! Black cannot consolidate as White is threatening back-rank checkmate! Black’s heavy pieces are not well coordinated.

Carlsen’s checkmate

It should come as no surprise to see the world’s number-one player sealing a victory, but he did it in style and actually delivered a checkmate.

The following position is a forced mate-in-two. Can you find it?


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