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It was at the World Chess Championship in November that I snatched a quick chat with Demis Hassabis, handed him a Chessable card and suggested he check us out.

Clearly, he was a man to make a connection with.

Demis, a formidable chess player in his time and now the head of Google DeepMind, had just been giving his thoughts on the match to GM Judit Polgar and IM Anna Rudolf in the commentary room after making the ceremonial first move in Round 8 of Carlsen-Caruana.

Game Changer: The man behind AlphaZero, Demis Hassabis, making the ceremonial first move in Round 8
Game Changer: The man behind AlphaZero, Demis Hassabis, making the ceremonial first move in Round 8

The man behind the famed AlphaZero AI chess super-being was in good spirits, but immediately after speaking to me he was ambushed by journalists when he stepped out into the corridor.

No doubt he has no memory of our chat.

Game Changer is here

But never mind, three months later and we’re incredibly pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing the new book on his pet project AlphaZero, adapted into a MoveTrainer™ course.

This means you will be able to not only read the book on AlphaZero’s games analysed by GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan (who I also ran into at the WCC), but also train it and learn from it using our intelligent system.

Much has been made about the incredible innovations and insights AlphaZero has brought to the game – or at least that have been identified in its play.

Now, these cutting edge ideas – and we really mean that – hitherto missed by the greatest minds in chess will be at your fingertips.

It’s penciled in to be released on February 4 – a week after the print release and I really cannot express how excited we are about this.

All this is thanks to the publishers New In Chess,who have worked with us on a number of projects now and made Game Changer available in a range of formats.

Of course, we believe – for learning – our format is the best.

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