The game has changed! GM Matthew Sadler on how Game Changer can benefit YOU

As you may already know, tomorrow we are releasing perhaps our most exciting course yet: the highly-anticipated Game Changer on Chessable. The book in print for is already out – but this will be different: it will be the only trainable version of Game Changer and it will be with MoveTrainer™. Wow. But we thought […]

Game Changer will be a game changer on Chessable with MoveTrainer™

It was at the World Chess Championship in November that I snatched a quick chat with Demis Hassabis, handed him a Chessable card and suggested he check us out. Clearly, he was a man to make a connection with. Demis, a formidable chess player in his time and now the head of Google DeepMind, had just […]

How 4 plucky Englishmen held mighty AlphaZero to draw

We’ve all been reading about the AlphaZero, the incredible superior being created by Google’s DeepMind to rule the chess world. Well, it turns out the Artificially Intelligent behemoth of Biblical-proportions is human after all – or at least in a figurative sense. AlphaZero may have destroyed Stockfish and crushed every computer on the planet. But, as […]