Author: Leon Watson

Why The College, Holborn, is the perfect 2018 World Chess Championship venue

By Leon Watson / On / In Chess news

By now you may already have seen my tweet, and the subsequent official announcement today of a venue for the upcoming 2018 World Chess Championship. That venue, where Magnus Carlsen will defend his crown against US challenger Fabiano Caruana, is The College, a spectacular 10,000 sq ft marbled Victorian hall in Holborn. If you don’t …

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Breaking 3,350 on How one Chessable member’s tactics rating hit incredible heights

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Regular Chessablers reading this may already have come across our super-user Logozar. He’s a 17-year-old PRO member from Round Rock, near Austin, Texas, who’s released several popular UGC books on the site – the latest a big hit endorsed by a GM. Logozar has also racked up more than 8.6m XP and been awarded nearly …

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My plan to make it to IM, by Andrzej Krzywda

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Chigorin’s famous epigram “Even a poor plan is better than no plan at all” is a bit of a cliche in chess. But for Chessable member Andrzej Krzywda, aka andrzejkrzywda, it is the gospel – because Andrzej is a man who has found having a plan really, really works. As chess learners thirsty for inspiration, you …

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Ding Dong! Two new badges, interview with John + do you want to join Team Chessable?

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London’s iconic clock-tower may be covered with scaffolding right now (it’s undergoing repair work), but on Chessable it’s on show in all its glory. That’s because we’ve created a new “Big Ben” badge for you to collect to go alongside our brilliant new London System book released this week. The Agile London System by Holmes …

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Will there be trash-talking with Magnus? Oh yeah, no doubt, says Fabiano Caruana

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We couldn’t help ourselves. Less than 24 hours after Fabiano Caruana won the Candidates tournament in Berlin to secure a world title tilt against Magnus Carlsen we were onto him. Most of all we wanted to know when the trash-talking would start! But also what the new World Chess Championship challenger’s relationship with the champion …

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From 891 to 1760: How Jameson took his USCF rating through the roof

By Leon Watson / On / In Case studies

Greeny50000 is booked-to-the-teeth. He’s even got the badge for it. And Greeny’s also got the Like a Bolt! badge for being fast – which is just as well considering how quickly he’s improving. But now this Chessable member – real name Jameson Tang – has just achieved something even better than our badges – he’s …

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Kasparov on the Candidates and how to beat Magnus Carlsen

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Shortly before Christmas, Chessable had the pleasure of catching up with Garry Kasparov to talk about his work with the Chess In Schools and Communities charity, which helps get kids involved in this great game we play. Kasparov, who we have a tactics training book on, dominated the world of chess for two decades and is, as everyone …

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