The game has changed! GM Matthew Sadler on how Game Changer can benefit YOU

As you may already know, tomorrow we are releasing perhaps our most exciting course yet: the highly-anticipated Game Changer on Chessable. The book in print for is already out – but this will be different: it will be the only trainable version of Game Changer and it will be with MoveTrainer™. Wow. But we thought […]

Game Changer will be a game changer on Chessable with MoveTrainer™

It was at the World Chess Championship in November that I snatched a quick chat with Demis Hassabis, handed him a Chessable card and suggested he check us out. Clearly, he was a man to make a connection with. Demis, a formidable chess player in his time and now the head of Google DeepMind, had just […]