Who is world chess champion Magnus Carlsen’s favourite player? Himself, of course


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Magnus Carlsen’s jokes have so far been the undoubted highlight of this year’s World Championship – especially given that the match itself has been stricken by five draws in a row.

And, after today’s round 5 game ended all-square, his dry sense of humour was on show again at the post-match press conference.

Magnus Carlsen's humour
Magnus Carlsen’s humour

Asked who his favourite player from the past is, Carlsen replied: “I’m not really the person to have idols. I admire what people can do, not necessarily who does what.”

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There was a bit of a laugh, but then the big one followed.

“And I would say, keeping in that in mind, my favourite player from the past is probably… myself, three or four years ago.”

Magnus Carlsen jokes around, again

This was not the first time Carlsen has left an audience cracking up in his world title defence against his American challenger Fabiano Caruana.

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After round 3 Carlsen was asked whether he was getting frustrated or bored by the series of draws, Carlsen also said dryly: “It’s three!”

Carlsen Vs Caruana
Carlsen Vs Caruana

Then after Round 4, when it was revealed Caruana’s prep had been leaked, Carlsen, when asked if he’d seen it, said with a smile: “Well, I’ll have a look at the video.”

He then added to more laughs: “I can truthfully say I have not seen it, but I am aware of the video.”

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