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Malcolm Pein's Telegraph Tuesday

Malcolm Pein’s Telegraph Tuesday

We have another Chessable innovation to reveal today as we proudly unveil Malcolm Pein’s Telegraph Tuesday.

Regular readers will already know we have been posting International Malcolm Pein’s renowned series of Daily Telegraph chess columns here on a daily basis since 23 November 2020. The current total is 119 top-quality and highly instructive articles – and the number will continue to grow rapidly, with new columns appearing here seven days a week.

The columns cover all aspects of chess, including:

  • The toughest battles of the World Chess Champions matches
  • Instructive moments in the opening, middlegame and endgame
  • The world of Internet chess, including Bullet games
  • Chess problems and puzzles


In short, the series represents a cornucopia of chess excellence – complete with the option to Test Your Strength on the daily puzzles.

The Next Level

Now we are taking Malcolm’s context to the next level. The daily columns will continue on the blog, but we are introducing a new course with exclusive content by Malcolm.

Malcolm Pein’s Telegraph Tuesday is a new weekly series, starting today. Malcolm presents weekly summary of the best games from around the world, complete with expert analysis. Furthermore, the course has been enhanced by our MoveTrainer® technology.

Here are some images from the course to whet your appetite.

Malcolm Pein Analysing
Once Malcolm found out where the arrows were, there was no stopping him.


Carlsen - Giri
Enjoy expert analysis of the games featuring the world’s top players.


Malcolm Pein's Telegraph Tuesday
Only White will be smiling here.


Telegraph Tuesday Launch
Exploring the Nimzo-Indian Defense.

Regular and Substantial Updates

The course is available right now and further, substantial content will be added every Tuesday.

By a strange coincidence, the first instalment has 119 minutes of video – which matches the number of blog posts we currently have for Malcolm’s Daily Telegraph columns.

Head for Malcolm Pein’s Telegraph Tuesday right now – and enjoy our new course for free!

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