10 Legendary Chess Tactics

It’s Tactics Madness week, so today, we are sharing with you ten sick combinations to get your appetite for tactics going. If you’re aren’t in the mood for mayhem, these ten combinations from master games will get you excited for some! Since you can’t rate beauty, we list the following ten chess gems in chronological […]

The Greatest Female Chess Player Of All Time?

superwoman silhouette, polgar position

Everybody knows who the greatest female chess player ever is. BUT… Imagine for a moment that this post is one of those fun online discussions, which challenges you to “name” a celebrity — without actually mentioning their name. I love how those threads uncover lesser-known gems and fun facts about our favorite personalities…and I’ve got […]

Lifetime Repertoires: Nimzo/Semi-Tarrasch

This week sees the release of Grandmaster Surya Shekhar Ganguly’s Lifetime Repertoires: Nimzo/Semi-Tarrasch- Part 1 Chessable course. Part 1 covers the Nimzo-Indian Defense and most of the 1.d4 deviations, such as the London System and the Trompowsky Attack. The second part of the course will examine the Semi-Tarrasch Defense and wrap up the remainder of the 1.d4 systems, […]

We Need To Talk About Short Draws

Look; we need to talk about short draws. Recent elite chess tournaments are witnessing a rise in games either similar – or identical – to these examples. The games will be familiar to anyone following the action over at chess24.com. Final Position Final Position Why Play for Short Draws? What exactly is going on here? […]

Malcolm Pein on…Kramnik’s Design

Malcolm Pein on…Kramnik’s Design The second event of the 2021 Grand Chess Tour is underway in Paris. Shak Mamedyarov’s fine win in round seven of the Grand Chess Tour’s Superbet Chess Classic in Bucharest given yesterday featured an early g7-g5 thrust that was inspired by Aronian-Kramnik from the 2018 Candidates tournament in Berlin. This game […]

Our Blog on…Malcolm Pein’s Telegraph Tuesday Videos

It has been a while since we reported on the launch of Malcolm Pein’s Telegraph Tuesday videos, which act as a valuable addition to his Daily Telegraph chess columns. Of course, we post the Telegraph columns every day here on our blog. Yet a newspaper column can only ever offer so much space per day […]

Bogoljubov Plays the Bogo-Indian

Yesterday, we looked at the basics of the Bogo-Indian Defense. Today we turn back the clock to see how the great Efim Bogoljubov, the man after whom the variation is named, played the defense. It is interesting to see him using different strategies across today’s three games, which shows the flexibility offered by the Bogo-Indian Defense. […]

Karpov’s Checkmating Attacks

Anatoly Karpov – the 12th World Chess Champion – turned 70 yesterday and today we celebrate the occasion with a selection of Karpov’s checkmating attacks. Karpov has already featured in our Checkmate Monday series once before but we have by no means exhausted the supply of excellent examples from the great champion. Try your hand […]

Bent Larsen’s Checkmating Attacks

It has been a couple of weeks since our last episode of Checkmate Monday but we are back today with a selection of fine checkmating attacks by the great Bent Larsen. Larsen (1935-2010), the famous Danish Grandmaster, was a fearless player with an original style of play. He could beat anyone on his day, as proved […]

Malcolm Pein on…Battling the Benoni

How should one go about battling the Benoni, one of the sharpest and most complicated defenses to 1.d4? It’s all about finding model games, as Malcolm Pein explains in today’s Daily Telegraph chess column. Malcolm Pein on…Battling the Benoni The Modern Benoni is a particularly tricky opening for club players to counter. Black creates an […]

Grünfeld Checkmates

It is Checkmate Monday again today and we continue our series with a selection of Grünfeld Checkmates. Last week we looked at the basics of the Grünfeld Defense, to tie in with the release of our new Chessable course, Lifetime Repertoires: Peter Svidler’s Grünfeld − Part 1. We stay with the Grünfeld Defense for today, with a number of […]