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This is a long overdue change that’s finally arrived for PRO members.

As many of you will know, Chessable uses a spaced repetition scheduling algorithm to test you and refresh your memory at optimal times.

The more answers in a row you get correctly, the more the scheduling spaces out reviews.

However, what if:

  1. You have already mastered, say, Rook Endgames, but you still want to be reminded and tested on them once in a while? You don’t want to have to go through the first seven repetitions so soon.
  2. You already know the opening of your liking to FM/IM strength and don’t want to go through the first few steps in the scheduling? Yet, it still would be useful if Chessable tested you on this every few weeks or months, just to keep you fresh and tournament ready.
  3. You are studying tactics on Chessable and you feel like you don’t calculate well after the first few reviews because the move is so fresh in your mind? You’d rather space it out more and force yourself to calculate the answer again when enough time has gone by?


Enter FastTrack. This feature lets you pick two advanced modes of scheduling, “Fast” and “Super Fast”.

When you set this in your book options, the scheduling will fast forward through the early reviews and present the position to you only after a week or a month, depending on what you’ve chosen.

After that, the scheduling behaves much the same, and if you should get the move wrong in the review that happens in a week, it would still drop down to rock bottom and force you to start from scratch.

FastTrack gives a student more control over their reviews, making it a more enjoyable learning experience.

However, remember, a wise superhero once told us that “with great power comes great responsibility”. This saying is entirely relevant here.

You should set this feature up only for those books where you are confident you stand to benefit. Don’t get lazy and set it on those opening books that still give you trouble in the first few reviews.

After all, making mistakes is a huge part of learning, and you don’t want to skip on that. If you are completing reviews with 95%+ accuracy in the first few rounds, that’s when this feature becomes worth it.

Below is a picture of how you’d set it, and you can see, I’ve got it on for my tactics training. Any feedback, please post it in this thread (must be logged in). Enjoy.

Chessable FastTrack Demo
FastTrack is an option found inside your book’s options panel.

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