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London’s iconic clock-tower may be covered with scaffolding right now (it’s undergoing repair work), but on Chessable it’s on show in all its glory.

That’s because we’ve created a new “Big Ben” badge for you to collect to go alongside our brilliant new London System book released this week.

The Agile London System by Holmes and de Prado is a vast, sprawling collection of different roads you can go down that will keep you interested for the rest of your life. Much like the city the opening is named after.

And as an extra bonus if you get the book, you’ll qualify for the new Elizabeth Tower badge!

The Elizabeth Tower covered with scaffolding
The Elizabeth Tower covered with scaffolding

That’s not all. We’ve also released a second, even rarer badge.

Who got knocked out?

The “Knocked Out” badge is for anyone who’s ever felt the pain of getting to more than 1,000 positions to review. Phew, that is stressful!

Upon launch it was immediately awarded to our CEO David Kramaley (keep up the practise David!) and someone else.

Can anyone guess who that Chessable member was? I’ll put the answer at the bottom if you want to know*.

Fancy a spot of OTB?

Now this is something new for us. Are there any London-based Chessable members in the house who fancy getting together to play a spot of OTB?

Well, I am a co-organiser of a league that takes place over the summer and thought we could form a team and play in it.

We would need to have enough players to put out a four board team on five Tuesday evenings in July and August (dates yet to be confirmed) so would probably need a squad of about six or seven.

Here’s the league’s website: Summer Chess League.

So how’s about it? Let us know on this forum post if you are interested. If we can get enough names we’ll do it, and I’ll buy the first round afterwards.

John talks

Finally, we thought you may be interested in this: John (Bartholomew, of course) was interviewed recently by his former college professor Alexey Root for a website called SparkChess.

In the chat, John talks among other things about his time at the University of Texas at Dallas and the downsides of being a “chess celebrity”.

The full interview is here.

Apart from that, keep training.


  • * No I won’t tell you, keep guessing.



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