The Chessable App Has Landed!


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The Chessable App has landed!

We could easily end the blog post there, as all of our readers have probably already left this page and gone off to find the App Store.

The Chessable App Has Landed!

Further Details

I shall add some flesh to the bones to cater for any lingerers (you know the type; they hang around at the end of Zoom meetings too, long after the host has bid everyone farewell).

It was back in September 2020 when the Chessable Product Team asked for help, with this message leading the way:

‘Chessable users spend significant time on their mobile devices daily. Therefore, having an easy way to learn and review on the go is very important. Chessable’s goal is to be the best place to learn chess online, and now we want to optimize that experience for your phone!

We’re excited to let you know that we are in the process of developing a native mobile app. After countless requests and suggestions from our members, we’ve decided to set this as one of our priorities for the coming months.’

This started the ball rolling and it has been gathering considerable speed ever since.

Available Now!

I am here to tell you that the Chessable App is available right now and if you need any proof then just click here.

Here is some more information, for those who have still not deserted this post in pursuit of the App.

Chessable App Information

This part is very pleasing.

Chessable App Further Information


While you are waiting for the Chessable App to download to your mobile device, take a look at the full range of our Chessable courses and think about which ones you would like to purchase next.

Yes, the Chessable App has indeed landed – and it has already started to attract excellent reviews.

Chessable App Review

This App will make a significant percentage of the chess-playing population very happy. As for ‘the Androids’…well, a little bird told me there might be a second landing coming to a store near you soon…

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