El pensamiento en movimiento: por qué vale la pena pensar en tu forma de pensar

Tu lectura de fin de semana está aquí, ya que presentamos una nueva publicación de blog del profesor Barry Hymer, el Jefe de Ciencia de Chessable. En la publicación de hoy, el profesor Hymer revela uno de sus mayores arrepentimientos antes de hablar de varios asuntos como por qué debemos privilegiar el proceso sobre el […]

Thinking Moves: Why It’s Worth Thinking About Your Thinking

Your weekend reading is here, as we present a new blog post by Professor Barry Hymer, the Chief of Science for Chessable. In today’s post, Professor Hymer reveals one of his greatest regrets before discussing various matters such as why we should privilege process over product, the complexity of chess and the importance of making good moves. Are you ready to start thinking […]

The Science of Learning

Professor Barry Hymer

Professor Barry Hymer, already known to our readers for his excellent and popular Science-related blog posts, is now the Chief of Science for Chessable. To commemorate this news, Professor Hymer has produced a White Paper for Chessable on The Science of Learning, which can be viewed, downloaded and shared from here and also from our dedicated Chessable Science […]

Impatient to Improve? That Could Be The Problem

Impatient to improve? We all know the feeling. Your weekend reading is here, as we return to the  fascinating world of science with a new post by Professor Barry Hymer, our Chessable Science Consultant. Paying attention to our diet is similar to the art of finding time to study endgames. They are both things we know we should do, […]