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Valentines Exclusive Master Class

Note: Times and dates for the master classes are currently being scheduled. Eligible participants will be notified shortly – thanks for your patience! It’s Valentine’s week, and love is in the air.  And Chessable is no exception, because three of our biggest authors are showing some serious love to their dedicated fans! You can join […]

Proof of Work Challenge

Grandmaster Simon Williams is certainly keeping himself very busy. Hot on the heels of the release of this week’s Chessable course on Grandmaster Gambits 1. e4 – Part 2: Aggressive Lines (written by Simon together with International Master Richard Palliser) comes the new Proof of Work Challenge. The Machines Play Chess This course is free and it […]

Queenless Initiative

When we think of having the initiative in a game of chess, we tend not to associate it with trading queens. Yet our new Chessable course – Grandmaster Gambits 1. e4 – Part 2: Aggressive Lines by Grandmaster Simon Williams and International Master Richard Palliser – advocates several lines in which the plan is indeed to […]

Gambit Buffet

  When did you last attend a buffet? It has certainly been a while. Chess players tend to behave well at buffets, because they know the buffet rules: ‘touch move’ and ‘touch take.’ However, nobody could have foreseen just how dangerous buffets would become. Until we can attend standard buffets again, you may be interested […]

Team Carlsen Vs Team Caruana: Our World Chess Championship event

Hey Team Carlsen or Team Caruana supporters, we have an announcement for you. There are three weeks to go and we’re beginning to get excited. No, not about the World Chess Championship – about our BIG CHESSABLE MEET-UP! Yes, we’re putting on a night of chess, fun and chat in London to celebrate Magnus Carlsen’s defence […]