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Valentines Exclusive Master Class
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Note: Times and dates for the master classes are currently being scheduled. Eligible participants will be notified shortly – thanks for your patience!

It’s Valentine’s week, and love is in the air.  And Chessable is no exception, because three of our biggest authors are showing some serious love to their dedicated fans!

You can join Anish Giri, Simon Williams, or Sam Shankland in an exclusive 2-hour live lesson in Chessable Classroom where you can learn from and interact with these legendary  grandmasters themselves. 

How Does It Work? 

Here’s how it works: if you own the courses listed below by each author on or before February 28, you’ll automatically be invited to attend their master class in the coming weeks.

If you already own all the courses from one of these authors, that’s it – you’re in! But if not, you can take advantage of all their courses being on sale for up to 50% off now through the 28th and bag your spot to this exclusive lesson. 

When Will the Master Class Be?

As multiple master classes may need to be arranged to accommodate all eligible students, dates will be firmed up in March after the promotion has ended. Rest assured that if you own the courses required for one of the authors below, your spot is secured! We will also do our best to make sure the live lesson is conducted on a weekend to allow for the highest possible ease of participation. 

Coming to Sam Shankland’s Master Class on March 17th? Invites are out! Please check your inbox for your invitation.

What Courses Qualify?

Spots are reserved for users who own the number of courses below for each author: 

Anish Giri – all four of his Lifetime Repertoires

Lifetime Repertoires: Najdorf Sicilian

Lifetime Repertoires: Dragon Sicilian 

Lifetime Repertoires: French Defense

Lifetime Repertoires: Giri’s 1.e4

Simon Williams – eight of his courses from the list below

The Jobava London System

The Iron English: Botvinnik Variation

Grandmaster Gambits: 1.e4 Part 1 

Grandmaster Gambits: 1.e4 Part 2 – Aggressive Lines

The Killer Dutch Rebooted

Best of British

1.e4 e5 Club Player’s Dynamite

The British Grand Prix Attack

The Best Chess Moves of All Time

The Art of Attack in Chess

The Black Lion

The Harry Attack

Sam Shankland – all seven of his Lifetime Repertoires

Lifetime Repertoires: Berlin Defense

Lifetime Repertoires: Classical Sicilian

Lifetime Repertoires: Semi-Slav

Lifetime Repertoires: Black vs. the English, Reti, and Sidelines

Lifetime Repertoires: Sam Shankland’s 1.d4 Part 1

Lifetime Repertoires: Sam Shankland’s 1.d4 Part 2

Lifetime Repertoires: Sam Shankland’s 1.d4 Part 3 

So if you love these authors’ courses, you can get a live class with the masters themselves! Take advantage of this special offer and get your spot today. 

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