Reversed Sicilian: How Bojkov Created Beating the English

The world is changing. The chess is changing. We live in the era of mass communication. Tonnes of information are poured on our poor heads. Weekly, daily, hourly. We have more and more things to study. And less chances to explore and surprise. The chess world is witnessing more and more thoroughly prepared lines. Lines […]

Magnus Carlsen crushes Fabiano Caruana to win World Chess Championship in tie-breaks

It has been the longest staredown in history – 12 long drawn-out games. But after 50 nerve-shredding hours of play, one black-eye, and an embarrassing data leak, the world chess champion has been crowned in London. Norway’s rock star of chess Magnus Carlsen held onto his title in commanding style on Wednesday as he crushed […]

World Chess Championship 2018: A quick round-by-round summary

The World Chess Championship 2018 has been an enormous amount to take in – however much of a superfan you are. By our (rough) calculations, there have been 637 moves and around 48 hours of chess in total. Not to mention novelties, shocks, surprises and the odd celebrity. So to make it easier to get a handle […]

Squeaky-bum time as World Chess Championship goes to tie-breaks: Our Game 12 report

Another draw. The final scheduled game, Game 12, of the 2018 World Chess Championship ended in a draw. That’s an incredible TWELVE in a row. Perhaps this is what we expected, with Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana separated by just three rating points going into the match. But while for some today’s game had an air of […]

Fabiano Caruana Net Worth: How Rich is the Chess Superstar?

How Much Is Fabiano Caruana Worth? Born on July 30, 1992, Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana has solidified himself as the greatest American chess player since Bobby Fischer and one of the top players in the world. But how much is the chess prodigy worth? American’s new chess superstar was seriously in the money after his world […]

Carlsen snuffs out Caruana’s ‘fireworks’: Our Round 5 report

Magnus Carlsen played a blinder in the opening today as Fabiano Caruana tried to warm-up the World Chess Championship, but it ultimately failed to ignite. Carlsen-Caruana Game 5 ended in yet another draw, this time agreed after three and a quarter hour and 34 moves, following a fascinating period of play in the opening between […]

Fabiano Caruana’s prep accidentally uploaded to YouTube

Fabiano Caruana’s bid to capture the World Chess Championship was dealt a severe blow today when a disastrous leak on YouTube revealed months of the challenger’s top-secret prep. A clip showing names of the world number 2’s meticulously researched openings appeared on the Saint Louis Chess Club’s channel hours before Round 4 of his title match […]

‘Deadlock’ in Carlsen-Caruana match after third draw: Our Round 3 report

The World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana remains, in the champion’s words, “deadlocked” after a third straight draw. There is still nothing to separate the world’s top two players – divided by just three points in the rankings – following another shut-out in round 3. The Norwegian top dog pressed his […]

Magnus Carlsen ‘complains about the cold at World Chess Championship’

It’s a game desperate to present itself as the new “cool” – but maybe this time it has gone a little too far. The 2018 World Chess Championship started in London last week promising a clash to rival the titanic Cold War battle between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer. Well, it certainly was cold. So […]