What happens now? After Carlsen-Caruana Game 12 ends in a draw, here’s the tie-break rules


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Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana have draw all 12 of their classical World Chess Championship games – and now the match goes to tie-breaks.

The two have been battling away in London for three weeks now and are all-square. We are now entering overtime.

Carlsen Caruana Game 12 post-match press conference
Carlsen Caruana Game 12 post-match press conference

The match has been one of the most fiercely contested in history – never before have so many games ended in a draw.

Here’s what happens next as we enter tie-breaks and possible Armageddon situation:

  1. Play will start again on Wednesday at 3pm at The College in Holborn.
  2. Carlsen and Caruana will play a best of four rapid games with 25 minutes for each player with an increment of 10 seconds after each move.
  3. Carlsen will start with the White pieces, after the draw was made following Game 12
  4. If still tied, they will play up to five mini-matches of two blitz games (five minutes for each player with a three-second increment).
  5. If all five mini-matches are drawn, one sudden-death ‘Armegeddon’ match will be played where White receives five minutes and Black receives four minutes. Both players will receive a three-second increment after the 60th move. In the case of a draw, Black will be declared the winner.
  6. Around an hour and a half after the result, the ceremony will take place and the winner is crowned.

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