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We’ve changed the default way to study new courses! 

As many of you already know, there are two settings to learn and review variations: Key Moves and All Moves.

Before today, the default setting was to study Key Moves, meaning you would only learn and review the ‘new moves’ in a variation, and bypass all the moves you previously learned. 

After some research and discussion, however, we decided to change this default setting to All Moves, so you will learn and review the entire variation from move 1 each time. 

While this can be a bit tedious, we find this is much more promising for remembering variations, as you can clearly see the sequence and context of each position – how you got there – every time. We also believe it is less confusing to new members, who may wonder why they pick up from a position in the middle of a variation, and not from the beginning.

We invite you to give “All Moves” a try, but if you still prefer the “Key Moves” way, don’t worry – you can change the setting! In the Course Settings panel on the Chapters page, you’ll see a “Study” setting. 

Click the dropdown menu and select “Key Moves” and voila – you’re back to studying just the key moves of each variation, skipping the rest. 

We hope you try out All Moves however, and hope it helps you recall moves with much more accuracy in your games!

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