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Chessable Classroom for All
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Last year, we released our powerful new chess collaboration tool, Chessable Classroom. With its shared chess board, video chat, quiz and play features, Classroom has made studying chess with others easier than ever before. 

But in the first year of its release, Classroom was limited to special events and Masterclasses. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Chessable Classroom is free for everyone to use. 

Now everyone has their own Classroom where they can invite their friends to study the royal game together so seamlessly it feels like you’re doing it in person!

With Chessable Classroom you can: 

  • Study Chessable courses together in real time
  • Upload games and positions from your playzone, PGN, or FEN for analysis
  • Test participants with quizzes
  • Spar from a given position (or the starting position!), and even hold tournaments and simuls

And when we say it’s free for everyone to use, we mean it! It doesn’t cost a thing. Simply jump in your own Classroom and share the link with your friends, family, or students. You can access your Classroom at the top of your dashboard: 

Classroom on Dashboard

We’ve tested Chessable Classroom with the world’s top coaches to perfect it as much as possible. Their feedback could be best summed up by Grandmaster Johan Hellsten’s words: 

It’s incredible Classroom is for free, because it really is such a fantastic tool.” GM Johan Hellsten

Read GM Hellsten’s full review on Chessable Classroom here

So whether you’re a coach looking for a convenient way to host online lessons, or just a chess enthusiast looking to study with a friend, we invite you to use Chessable Classroom.

Also, be on the lookout for live events from your favorite authors announced on the new Chessable Classroom forum. And be sure to post about your experience with Classroom too – we’d love to hear what you think! 

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