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Chessable is pleased to announce a partnership with Chess In Slums-Africa (CIS-A)

Chess In Slums is a Lagos, Nigeria-based grassroots charity whose mission is to empower impoverished children in the Nigerian slums of Lagos through chess education. This partnership combines CIS-A’s expertise in community outreach with Chessable’s first-class chess educational content and science-based learning technology. 

The scope of this new partnership makes Chessable an official educational content partner of Chess in Slums. 

Geert van der Velde, Chessable CEO, states: “Chess continues to bring together generations of all different backgrounds and nations. We play and learn together. 

Chess is more than a game—it is a mirror to the soul that teaches us patience, perseverance and more importantly, it teaches us to stay focused in this age of constant distraction. Chess in Slums is a perfect example of this; through their patient, perseverant, and focused community outreach they are creating opportunities for these children which will positively impact them for the rest of their lives.”

Lack of access to education continues to be a significant crisis in Africa. CIS-A is innovative, compassionate, and hands-on, having already helped over 100 children achieve full academic support scholarships through chess.

With this partnership, Chessable will provide free chess courses by top players in the world, including five-time world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. Chessable will also grant access to online classes inside its revolutionary Chessable Classroom, an online chess learning environment that allows teachers to connect with students around the world. CIS-A members will also get free PRO membership and access to Chessable affiliated coaches. In addition, Chessable will aid CIS-A in their fundraising efforts and give additional resources and financial support.

“I’m thrilled for Chessable to get behind our mission, especially because I’ve used Chessable myself for my studies to improve my chess skills. Of course, the Chess In Slums story is beyond the chess aspect. Chess is a gateway to other opportunities for the children who are a part of our program,” said Tunde Onakoya, founder of CIS-A. “While we understand that not all of them will go on to become professional chess players, the larger aim is to empower them to reach their full potential in life.” Around 90% of the CIS-A supported children stay in school, which is particularly notable given that more than half of elementary-aged kids in Nigeria drop out before reaching secondary school.

About Chess In Slums-Africa:

Chess in Slums Africa is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that aims to transform impoverished communities and empower its young ones by using the game of chess as a framework to teach academic skills, critical thinking, and a lifelong appreciation for learning.

About Chessable:

Chessable is the world’s leading chess e-learning platform and home to the largest chess video course library in the world, with courses by the world’s best players and coaches, including five-time chess world champion Magnus Carlsen. 

Launched in 2016, Chessable is the leader in chess educational content and innovation. Their mission is to make chess study more fun and efficient by taking the science of learning and applying it to the chess learning experience.  


Chess In Slums-Africa:

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Facebook: @Chessinslums

Phone number: +2348172792588.


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