The Ultimate Guide to the King’s Pawn Opening


1.e4 is “best by test” – those were the words of Bobby Fischer, one of the greatest chess players of all time. And he was not alone in his assessment. Many of the greatest players in history have preferred to start their chess games by moving their king’s pawn two spaces forward: Mikhail Tal, Viswanathan […]

Cramping the Caro-Kann – With Grandmaster So’s 1 e4

The release of Grandmaster So’s Lifetime Repertoires: 1. e4 (Part 2) is very good news for King’s pawn players hoping for an early advantage. This part of the course deals with three particularly strong and popular Black defences: The Sicilian, French and Caro-Kann. In a nutshell, the recommendations against the first two are 3 Bb5(+) and […]