Announcing the Winners of the 2022 Chessable Awards

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for; the results are finally in for the 2022 edition of the Chessable Awards. We had more than 60 courses in contention in various categories this year and a dozen new authors, which made voting quite a tall order. Thousands of Chessable users like you came through to cast […]

Announcing the 3rd Annual Chessable Awards

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, it’s time to start voting for the 3rd edition of the Chessable Awards, the Oscars of chess courses. In 2022, there was plenty to be excited about at Chessable. With over 250 courses released, this might be the toughest year yet to choose which were the best. […]

Chessable Announces Winners of the Chessable Research Awards

The Summer Cycle application period of the Chessable Research Awards is now open until March 15. Click here to learn more. All submissions have been reviewed, and the winners have been chosen for the first cycle of the Chessable Research Awards! The Chessable Research Awards are for undergraduate and graduate students conducting university-level chess research. […]

2021 Chessable Awards – The Winners Are In!

Chessable Awards Blog

The 2021 Chessable Awards not only recognizes the finest authors and chess courses from the past year — it’s also one of those much-awaited events where Chessablers virtually gather and share a piece of their mind. We know how hectic and busy life can get, yet… You — and thousands of amazing Chessablers around the […]