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One might think that with all the awesome resources online, chess would be pandemic-proof.

But meeting up at the chess club, teaching chess in schools, or just sitting at a board and solving a position with someone – how can you replicate those online? Sometimes just 30 minutes of that kind of back-and-forth accomplishes more than a whole night of studying alone. And you just can’t connect with your fellow chess fans in the same way as in person. 

But with the new Chessable Classroom, you can do all those things and more for free on Chessable, without downloading a thing

If you’re a chess instructor, you definitely have to check it out. In fact, we worked with chess coaches carefully to develop it into the ultimate tool for live chess instruction, and judging by some of the reviews from big-time coaches like Judit Polgar and John Bartholomew, it looks like we’ve succeeded! 

So Comprehensive, yet So Intuitive

This isn’t just some polished up video conferencing tool. While you do get remarkably high-quality video, audio, and chat features, the interactive chess board is what makes Chessable Classroom an indispensable tool for remote coaching. 

You can upload any position from a Chessable course or your own files to the board and play it out 1-on-1 or with a group in real time. You can mark up the board, assign colors and time controls, have students play you or each other, and even present solvable exercises with a quiz function. You can even assess their progress with automatic feedback and reporting. 

And if you miss those good old club tournaments, not to worry. You can easily set up tournaments with Chessable Classroom, with a birds-eye view of the entire event. You can communicate with individual boards, post results, and award winners just like you would at the club. 

With all these features you might be worried…is this too clunky? Quite the contrary! We’ve worked with coaches to make the whole thing as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible. And the reviews are in. 

Rave Reviews from the Biggest Names in Chess Coaching

“Incredible that this is for free” – those are the words of pro chess coach and former Swedish Chess Champion, Johan Hellsten. Making do with Zoom and Lichess for lessons beforehand, Hellsten stated that nothing was the ideal platform for online teaching. Chessable Classroom changed his mind, as he details in this blog post

Grandmaster Hellsten wasn’t the only one: 

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But easily one of our proudest endorsements comes from the legendary Judit Polgar. Check out what Grandmaster Polgar has to say about Chessable Classroom in this video – she’s convinced! 

How To Get Started

Anybody can use Chessable Classroom, and it doesn’t cost a cent. We wanted to keep chess education alive and well during these difficult times, and for that reason we want to make sure everybody has free access. 

But we also want to ensure that you have the most quality experience with Chessable Classroom as possible. For that reason, we will only be accepting users on a limited basis to start.To add your name to the waitlist, please visit this page and sign up. We aim to get everyone on board soon!

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