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Queen's Gambit Declined
1h20min video lesson

"Based on my own game preparation"
- GM Aleksandar Colovic

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Why get this Queen's Gambit Declined lesson?

Includes analysis of typical mistakes by club & online players

Played by Nakamura, Gelfand, Kramnik and several other top GMs

Up to date lines based on GM Alex Colovic's game preparation

The QGD is the opening for World Championship matches, said Kasparov, who played it in the Kasparov–Karpov matches in the 1980s

As a result of being extensively tested at the top level, these lines require little maintenance

Build a solid and life-long repertoire

Queen's Gambit Declined Box


Here is what some of our members are saying

Chessable is honestly one of the best trainers I use to prepare myself for tournament play. You guys honestly made something beautiful and extremely useful and even if you dont realize it, but you seriously made learning chess and chess openings so much better for people.

by Danny (Evilgenius0070 - 1867 FIDE)

I love the Chessable learning system and how the site operates. I am learning very rapidly and didn't know ANY prior chess openings.

by Derwin (dprince32)

Chessable requires far less effort to learn chess openings than reading and re-reading books and is far more effective than watching videos, of which to be honest, how many people can watch a chess video and remember permanently the one or two lines presented?

by Vernon

Chessable has changed the way that I think about opening preparation. The preparation of lines for structured learning and spaced review has taught me to make more effective use of the tools I already had. I'll be using Chessable from now on, both for my own work and for my students.

by Tim McGrew (USCF National Master)

I've never used a tool so good for self-directed learning in chess. The ability to make my own private drillable repertoires from analysis of my games has accelerated my understanding of the ideas behind the openings I play, and the speed of my pattern recognition is gaining me all kinds of time against my opponents right out of the opening.

by Ryan Anderson (psilohead)

I've tried using other tools (e.g. Chessbase, Chess Position Trainer) to build and study an opening repertoire. However, I always stalled out after building a few lines since when I went to train with those tools it wasn't fun, was cumbersome, and felt like work. Chessable makes training chess openings fun and now I'm actually learning the repertoire I'm supposed to know!

by Peter Newhall
Chess opening training testimonial by Danny Chess opening training testimonial by Derwin Chess opening training testimonial by Vernon Chess opening training testimonial by Tim McGrew Chess opening training testimonial by Ryan Chess opening training testimonial by Peter
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