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Teach up to 200 students at once with the power of Chessable Classroom. With a shared interactive chess board, the possibilities are endless. Assign students a colour to play (against you, or each other), mark up and annotate the board, load in positions from courses or your own files, or set up problems to solve as a quiz.
It's really an awesome thing... It will change the way the world gives online chess lessons. - FM Peter Giannatos, Charlotte Chess Center

Free for All Clubs and Academies!

This tool provides everything an academy needs. It has been built on the advice of many well-known chess coaches, and is here to solve all the common issues you face. Best of all? It’s free! Chess has suffered this year; and so we built this tool to allow chess to be taught at all times, come rain or shine.

Homework & Assessment

We've solved the difficulty of assessing students, by providing automatic feedback & reporting. Simply assign Chessable courses (or create your own), and student progress will be collated for you. Coming soon: metrics on video-lesson participation & accuracy; meaning you even have performance data on students who don't complete their homework!
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Online Tournaments

Free-play is an important part of any lesson, and so we have integrated this directly into our video-tool. With one click, you can seamlessly split students into pairs, and have them play against each other, while you get a birds-eye view of every game, and the ability to communicate with individual boards.
If you have beginners, you can play a simul with king against two rooks, to see if they know how to checkmate. Or you can have everyone play a practice game from the same position. - GM Johan Hellsten

Quality Content

Our content is unrivalled. We have the rights to more popular books than anyone, and our authors (including the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen) produce content for every level of player. Your students can continue to learn after the lesson has finished using our MoveTrainer®, which will help them to remember patterns through scientifically-proven spaced repetition.
One feature I especially appreciate about Classroom is the ability to create live quizzes - these are always super fun and interactive, and the students love it! - IM John Bartholomew

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