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Yasser Seirawan Masterclass
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Chessable’s most jovial author, Yasser Seirawan, has a special treat for his most loyal fans: a special two-hour Masterclass.

As a special holiday thanks to his students, GM Seirawan is offering free entry to anyone who owns seven or more of his courses*. If you’ve already got seven, your invite is on its way! But if not, no worries – now is a great time to grab a few since all are on sale for up to 50% off.

What’s inside this masterclass?

A live lesson with Yasser himself delving into two of the most important games of his career

♚ A focus on opening preparation, creating novelties, considerations for strategic plans, and the common types of tactics that go into our opening choices.

In this masterclass, you’ll have the opportunity to interact directly with GM Seirawan, asking him any questions and analyzing the material directly with him. And of course, you’ll get a live recording of the masterclass, so you can keep the valuable lessons learned for whenever you wish to study – plus trainable lines on the material.

If you already own a few of his courses, you know that GM Seirawan is one of Chessable’s most beloved authors and has helped players of all levels with his down-to-earth and approachable teaching style.

To make sure users from as many time zones as possible can attend, he’ll be holding the Masterclass in two sessions Tuesday, December 13th.

But if you want to join, hurry: this offer ends Sunday, December 11th – so make sure you have at least 7 of these courses by then.

*Only paid courses count towards total. Free courses do not apply.

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