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Earlier this month, we asked you what courses you would like to see on sale, and you came out in droves to vote.

Of all the hundreds of courses in Chessable’s catalog, are you curious about which ones received the most votes? Well so are we! So we’ve made a post highlighting the top 10 voter favorites of this campaign.

Here are the top picks:

Alex Banzea’s London System by Alex Banzea

It should come as no surprise to see a Banzea course on this list. One of the most lauded authors on the platform, Alex is always in touch with his audiences and refining his courses over time with their feedback. That’s largely in part why this course won the 2022 Course of the Year as well as 2022 Best Opening Course for White. Last year, Banzea cleaned up at the Chessable Awards as well.

While the London has had an unfair reputation as an uninspired opening, Banzea dispels such myths in this revolutionary course. Inside he teaches the overarching strategic themes and plans for attack of this popular system-based opening and makes sure students have fun in the process.

The GothamChess 1. e4 Repertoire by GothamChess

In the golden era of the online chess boom, if you had to name one person as the spokesperson of this era, it might very well be Levy Rozman, aka GothamChess.

The internet’s chess teacher’s debut course for Chessable was one of the most highly anticipated to ever hit the platform. Inside Gotham gives recommendations that combine familiar opening principles with offbeat execution that score surprisingly well. And the cherry on top: you get GothamChess himself presenting all the lines in the video course, as only he can.

Calculation: A Complete Guide for Tournament Players by Azel Chua

It was only a few years ago Chua had a modest rating of 1664. Today he’s a Candidate Master. How did he do it? Tactics, of course.

From an everyman to master, Chua took a grueling approach to find out what works, and what doesn’t, to really improve his game. In this course, you can study the tactics that will tighten up your game, without suffering through the same trial-and-error process, and hopefully see similar rating gains!

And this approachable and relatable style of teaching has earned him hundreds upon hundreds of rave reviews, with this course having received a fair share of them.

Lifetime Repertoires: Giri’s Najdorf Sicilian by Anish Giri

Anish Giri is another standout celebrity in the chess world. Being an entertaining and humorous presence on Twitter, a fan-favorite commentator, and a usual feature in the world’s top ten standings, Giri is, simply put, a class act. Oh, not to mention he’s widely regarded as one of the world’s leading opening theoreticians.

So who is better suited than Anish to teach you the Najdorf, “the Cadillac of chess openings? Giri guides you on a smooth journey teaching you everything you’ll ever need to know about this titan of an opening.

Mastering Chess Defense by Johan Hellsten

The most overlooked aspect of chess improvement? Yeah, it’s probably defense. And that’s because it’s a tough concept to teach.

Luckily you’ve got Johan Hellsten to teach you this undertaught yet crucial aspect of the game. The truth is, more games are lost due to defensive shortcomings than strategic failure. These are the techniques you need to get a water-tight position.

Caruana’s Ruy Lopez: Dark Archangel by Fabiano Caruana

The world number 2, the one who has given Magnus Carlsen a run for his money more than anyone else, Fabiano Caruana made his long-anticipated debut on Chessable this year.

It goes without saying that Fabi’s opening prep is top-notch. In this course, get his sinister approach to dismantling the Ruy Lopez.

Being a top player doesn’t make one a top teacher but that’s not the case here. Chessablers have been absolutely blown away by Fabi’s instruction as he puts in the work to make students really think about the positions on the board.

Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual 5th Edition, revised by GM Karsten Müller by Russell Enterprises and Erwin L’Ami

The Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Vita, Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual. OK, including a chess book in these sacred texts might be a stretch, but for endgames this classic is as close as it gets to being worthy of worship.

Now on Chessable, this all-time great has been given an update to make it relevant for the computer age, plus world-class video presentation by GM Erwin L’Ami.

Lifetime Repertoires: Sidelines and Flank Openings for Black by Surya Shekhar Ganguly

You’ve got 1.e4 and 1.d4 replies covered, but what about those weird wild tries by White that throw you off your prep? You need to be prepared for those too.

Not to worry, because the Indian superstar Surya Ganguly has all of them covered in depth with this Lifetime Repertoire. Users have praised this course for its simplicity in its recommendations and for being a missing piece of a puzzle, filling an important gap. There has never been a course on flank openings this complete – until this one..

Lifetime Repertoires: King’s Indian Defense – Part 1 by Gawain Jones

When one looks for a sophisticated approach in fighting against 1.d4, the King’s Indian Defense certainly enters the conversation. English Grandmaster Gaiwan Jones makes sure you are at the forefront of KID theory so you may be the most lethal you can be over the board.

But why this KID repertoire in particular? When you see how active GM Jones is in the course forums and how much students love his feedback, you’ll see why.


Leningrad Dutch: Simplified by Arturs Neiksans

The Leningrad Dutch is king when it comes to razor-sharp play, interesting structures, and unbalanced positions. In only 162 variations, Artus Neiksans teaches you to play the most attacking reply against 1.d4 so you can fight, fight, fight for the win immediately.

Students enjoy Neiksans’ manner of keeping things compact yet highly detailed, with each word packing in instructive value.

Make sure to check out these courses and maybe grab a new favorite of your own. We’d recommend doing so quickly – this sale ends June 2!


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