The 12 Greatest Chess Players of All Time

The Greatest Chess Players of All Time

Quick Summary: Who are the Greatest Chess Players of All Time? The greatest chess players of all time is a bone of much contention among chess fans the world over, and the source of many hours of (hopefully friendly) debate!  Much of the discussion should take into account a series of key questions: How to […]

The Champion vs. The Challenger

The Champion vs. The Challenger! We are certainly looking forward to the next World Chess Championship match. Reigning champion Magnus Carlsen will face his new challenger, Ian Nepomniachtchi, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, later this year. Specifically, the match will span from 24 November to 16 December. At least, that is the plan as things stand; […]

Malcolm Pein on…The Fearless Nepo

The chess world is already speculating about the outcome this year’s match for the World Chess Championship. In today’s Daily Telegraph column, Malcolm Pein highlights an important quality possessed by the challenger, as he looks at the fearless Nepomniachtchi. Malcolm Pein on…The Fearless Nepo The next challenger for the world title, Ian Nepomniachtchi, will give Magnus […]

The Return of the FIDE Candidates Tournament

The chess world is preparing for the return of the FIDE Candidates Tournament, which resumes on Monday 19 April, in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Little did we suspect that when my friend and colleague, Leon Watson, wrote about the impending start of the tournament back in February 2020, we would get to April 2021 […]

Carlsen snuffs out Caruana’s ‘fireworks’: Our Round 5 report

Magnus Carlsen played a blinder in the opening today as Fabiano Caruana tried to warm-up the World Chess Championship, but it ultimately failed to ignite. Carlsen-Caruana Game 5 ended in yet another draw, this time agreed after three and a quarter hour and 34 moves, following a fascinating period of play in the opening between […]

Magnus Carlsen ‘complains about the cold at World Chess Championship’

It’s a game desperate to present itself as the new “cool” – but maybe this time it has gone a little too far. The 2018 World Chess Championship started in London last week promising a clash to rival the titanic Cold War battle between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer. Well, it certainly was cold. So […]

Speedy Caruana can’t break through Carlsen’s defences: Our Round 2 report

The thrills and spills of Round 1 were, unfortunately, long gone. In comparison, Game 2 of the Magnus Carlsen Vs Fabiano Caruana World Chess Championship match proved to be a bit of a damp squib. It was “insipid”, the chess journalist John Saunders told Your Correspondent, perhaps a little harshly. While yesterday’s dicey draw lasted […]

7 great places to play chess in London

Simpsons in the strand ( a great and historic place to play chess in london)

It is arguably the most anticipated match for a generation – when Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana play for the World Chess Championship in London next month players and fans around the world will be holding their breath. Is the champion under real threat of losing his crown to his younger opponent, after a year […]

Will there be trash-talking with Magnus? Oh yeah, no doubt, says Fabiano Caruana

We couldn’t help ourselves. Less than 24 hours after Fabiano Caruana won the Candidates tournament in Berlin to secure a world title tilt against Magnus Carlsen we were onto him. Most of all we wanted to know when the trash-talking would start! But also what the new World Chess Championship challenger’s relationship with the champion […]