Pirc Defense – How to Play (as White & Black)

Welcome to the dynamic, counter-punching Pirc Defense. A sound, fighting defense that will give you many enjoyable chess games. Gain a deeper understanding of this hypermodern opening by learning the ideas and strategies for both sides in the Pirc Defense. Arguably, White’s most aggressive option is the Austrian Attack (4.f4), but do not underestimate the […]

Alekhine Defense: How to Play as White and Black

Must-Know Variations of Alekhine’s Defense Learn all the essential basics of the exciting Alekhine’s Defense and how to meet it with white. Basic plans and opening trap for both sides in this hypermodern, counterattacking defense. How to play against White’s central control. Making effective use of your space advantage with white. Win the game with […]

The 10 Best Chess Openings for Black

Top 10 openings for Black

Chess players have been debating the best openings (for Black and White) for years. If you ask five different players what the best opening for Black is, you could easily come away with five different answers. The fact is, deciding what the best opening for Black is depends on several different factors, including what kind […]

How to Play Bird’s Opening

How to play Bird's Opening

If you spend enough time reading chess articles, tuning into chess streams, or attempting to study with a chess book (hint: it’s easier with Chessable), it won’t be long until you are sagely advised: “Never play a chess opening named after an animal.” See also: “Don’t move your f-pawn too soon”. And maybe you take […]

The Ultimate Queen’s Pawn Opening Guide

A 1.d4 opening, or queen's pawn opening to a chess game.

Tl;dr: A whirlwind tour through the 1.d4 opening universe, covering common systems and responses, the concepts you need to know, helpful resources to optimize your study, and an immortal 1.d4 game to inspire you to queen’s pawn opening greatness. Introduction: The Ultimate Queen’s Pawn (1.d4) Opening Guide There are some choices you have to make […]

Seirawan’s Winning Chess Openings

Yasser Seirawan’s Winning Chess Openings has landed! It is always a major event when Chessable release a course by Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan. Winning Chess Openings is the new addition from the series of Everyman Chess books to receive the special Chessable treatment. Yasser’s writing and presentation skills are well to the fore, as usual. He is […]