Malcolm Pein on…A Round of Draws

If you put the world’s strongest players in a tournament you will occasionally get a round of draws. It is not for the want of trying, as shown by Malcolm Pein in today’s Daily Telegraph chess column. This time there are two opportunities to test your strength. Malcolm Pein on…A Round of Draws No change at the […]

Malcolm Pein on…the Tata Steel Update

There is a new Tata Steel Masters update in today’s Daily Telegraph chess column. Malcolm presents a very combative game in the French Defense and there is a chance to test your strength on an interesting puzzle. Malcolm Pein on…the Tata Steel Update Magnus Carlsen was held to a draw by his Norwegian compatriot Aryan Tari in the third […]

Malcolm Pein on…The Surprise from Sweden

Malcolm Pein continue his coverage of the Tata Steel Masters in today’s Daily Telegraph chess column – and reports on a surprise from Sweden. Magnus Carlsen couldn’t repeat his win from the first round and after just two rounds only one player is on a maximum score. In addition to a very interesting game, Malcolm aslo presents an opportunity for […]

Malcolm Pein on…Carlsen’s Gambles

Today’s Daily Telegraph chess column starts Malcolm Pein’s coverage of the Tata Steel Masters – and focuses on Magnus Carlsen’s gambles in the first round. Carlsen has been on variable form of late, as we saw in Malcolm’s column just two days ago. He felt obliged to take risks to start off his Tata Steel […]