Saving the Day With a Stalemate Trap

Who can resist the lure of a stalemate trap? We have already seen some stalemate traps in action in our series on chess tactics and today we return to the theme, this time with the emphasis firmly on the endgame phase of the game. Hidden Resources Zuger vs. Ru. Rodriguez Dubai Olympiad, 1986 White to […]

For the Love of Chess

‘Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy.’ Doctor Siegbert Tarrasch ‘Now don’t be sad ‘Cause two out of three ain’t bad’ Meat Loaf Wise words indeed. Oh, but which of the three is missing – and what can we do about it? Well, it is time to play some music […]

How to Improve Your Chess Tactics & Master the Chessboard

chessboard with tactical gameplay occuring

Tactics Training Guide for Hardcore Improvement If you are a chess player, you’re probably aware that studying and practicing tactics is one of the best ways to improve. However, many players study tactics and aren’t able to apply them to their games consistently. This problem is so prevalent that I would venture that the vast […]