The Accelerated Dragon: How to Play It as White and Black

Short Summary: The Accelerated Dragon is a very dynamic and combative Sicilian Defense against 1.e4 which focuses on opening the center quickly and dominating it with active pieces It differs from the traditional Dragon Sicilian by fianchettoing the king’s bishop sooner and favoring …d5 in one go rather than …d6 first, if allowed The Hyper-Accelerated […]

The Modern Scheveningen Sicilian

Alex Colovic's Modern Scheveningen

When Garry Kasparov was fighting his way up the ranking ladder to become the greatest chess player in the world, he did so with a trusted weapon against 1.e4: the Scheveningen Sicilian. A favorite opening of his youth, Kasparov scored point after point with the Scheveningen, and even an early book he wrote on the […]