The Bowlder Attack: Bold move or beginner’s folly?

bowlder attack chess

Quick overview: The Bowlder Attack is a subline of the Sicilian Defense, reached via the move order 1.e4 c5 2.Bc4 The Bowlder Attack is most often seen at the lower levels, and is rarely seen at the top level play. It is not considered a serious reply to the Sicilian Defense, as it gives Black […]

Playing the Grand Prix Attack Against the Sicilian

Combining aggression with positional play, the Grand Prix Attack provides white with a sound, dangerous system against the Sicilian Defense. The mainstay of White’s strategy is the kingside attack, often spearheaded with f5. Despite its simplicity, this attacking plan has proven extremely challenging for black to defend against, with many strong players unable to find […]

Sicilian Defense – Choosing the Right Variation for You

The Sicilian Defense in chess is the most played defense to 1.e4. Thanks to the asymmetrical position created on the first move, you can use it to play for a win with black. What you will discover, amongst other things: Why the Sicilian Defense is the most popular defense to 1.e4. Although some variations get […]

The Modern Scheveningen Sicilian

Alex Colovic's Modern Scheveningen

When Garry Kasparov was fighting his way up the ranking ladder to become the greatest chess player in the world, he did so with a trusted weapon against 1.e4: the Scheveningen Sicilian. A favorite opening of his youth, Kasparov scored point after point with the Scheveningen, and even an early book he wrote on the […]

Sicilian Love

Sicilian love! Some chess players like to play certain openings. Others really love them. We are keeping to this week’s love theme as we head towards Valentine’s Day. Today we look at one of the most popular of all openings – the Sicilian Defense, which starts with 1.e4 c5. Popular Opening What is it about […]