Playing the Italian Game like a Pro! (Includes Giuoco Piano)

Yes, you can play the Italian Game like a pro and enjoy many victories with this classic chess opening. Although one of the oldest known chess openings, the Italian Game is certainly not outdated. This chess opening has grown with time and embraced many changes. The Italian Opening offers tactical and quieter positional variations, making […]

Evans Gambit – How to Play as White and Black

The Evans Gambit has been played since 1827 and is still played by today’s strongest chess players. Read on to learn more about this powerful opening. The Evans Gambit is part of the Italian Opening and is one of the most aggressive choices at White’s disposal. Since it involves sacrificing a pawn and sometimes two […]

How To Play the Fried Liver Attack

The Two Knights Defense is a good choice for black, but it does allow white to play the Fried Liver Attack. Although extremely dangerous, this is not a one-sided attack for white. As you will learn Black has a number of ways to meet this attack. Learn how to play the Fried Liver Attack with […]