Speedy Caruana can’t break through Carlsen’s defences: Our Round 2 report

The thrills and spills of Round 1 were, unfortunately, long gone. In comparison, Game 2 of the Magnus Carlsen Vs Fabiano Caruana World Chess Championship match proved to be a bit of a damp squib. It was “insipid”, the chess journalist John Saunders told Your Correspondent, perhaps a little harshly. While yesterday’s dicey draw lasted […]

Can Fabiano Caruana beat Magnus Carlsen? We asked 7 chess masters

Fabiano Caruana takes on Magnus Carlsen for the World Chess Championship

We all know the big match is approaching – but can Fabiano Caruana beat Magnus Carlsen? The winner-takes-all World Chess Championship is without a doubt the game’s prestige event. Last time, when Carlsen faced the Russian Sergey Karjakin, the Norwegian champ was taken to tie-breaks, but no-one seriously thought he would lose. >> Try our […]