Dubov Wins Monster Mystery Bash

Dodgy Halloween

Daniil Dubov – a.k.a. Scary Surprise – won the Monster Mystery Tournament last night, securing a $500 first prize and the title of most convincing scary clown ever to play online blitz.  Staying true to his costume by wildly bobbing his head throughout the final match, Dubov took down Gawain Jones, a.k.a. Plague Doctor, with […]

Mr. Dodgy Raises Buried Courses from the Grave This Halloween

Chessable Buried Gems

With his Monster Mystery Bash quickly approaching, all eyes are once again turned to the mysterious Mr. Dodgy. But who is Mr. Dodgy, actually? Famous (infamous?) Twitter personality. Chessable author and founder of Dodgy Enterprises. CEO of the world’s largest spaced repetition cooking course platform, Chefable.  And….skilled necromancer!? Yes, Mr. Dodgy is a practitioner of […]