Grandmaster vs. International Master – What’s the Difference?

IM vs GM Chessable Blog

With so many people new to chess due to the Queen’s Gambit effect, it can be a bit difficult getting straight all the chess terminology. Grandmaster, International Master, tournament norms… What is all of that? In this post, we’re answering all your questions. The Absolute Basics: What’s a Grandmaster? What’s an International Master? Grandmaster is […]

How to Become a Chess Grandmaster (in 11 Steps)

Becoming a Chess Grandmaster

TL;DR on how to become a Grandmaster: 3 Grandmaster norms and a FIDE rating of 2500+ qualifies you for a Grandmaster (with some exceptions). A GM norm is achieved with a 2600-rated performance in a tournament with at least 9 rounds, where at least 50 percent are titled players. Learning openings, middlegames, and endgames is […]

Grandmaster tips: Patience is a real virtue in chess, by GM ALEX COLOVIC

As the saying goes, “The hardest test in life is having the patience to wait for the right moment.” We know that patience is very important during a game. But I will not talk about that patience now. I would like to share my thoughts about patience during a tournament. Tournaments can develop in all […]