Malcolm Pein on…The 2021 Grand Chess Tour

Malcolm Pein collates the information on the 2021 Grand Chess Tour in today’s Daily Telegraph column and takes a look at Carlsen’s dramatic ‘win on demand’ game at the FTX Crypto Cup. Malcolm Pein on…The 2021 Grand Chess Tour The Grand Chess Tour is on the move again after a one-year hiatus. The first in a circuit of international tournaments is the […]

Magnus Carlsen net worth: How much has the chess champ earned?

He’s the world’s greatest chess player with an earning power that dwarfs his rivals. But what is Magnus Carlsen net worth? Carlsen, the undisputed cash king of chess, hasn’t ever revealed exactly how much he has earned from the game. But the latest estimates usually start at around $10 million in prize money. How Much […]